Training dates

You can also check for the sessions under "Veranstaltungen" ;)


Winter (October – March)

Tuesday 7-9pm

Realschule Gute Änger, Gute Änger 34, Freising (Google Maps)

Summer (April – September)

Monday 7-9pm

Förderschulzentrum Pulling, St.-Ulrich-Str. 9, Pulling (Google Maps)



During school holidays, the gyms are closed. If the weather is fine and the gym is closed we play outside in Freising. We play either in the Savoyer Au or in the Luitpoldanlage.



Attending the training requires a TeXins membership due to insurance reasons.
You can sign up for TeXins membership (24 EUR / year)  -> Join/Sign off membership

TID Interns who only want to play Basketball can purchase a course card (10 EUR / half year) from our cashier Stephan C Hartmann (Contact data).

If you don't know yet if Basketball is the right thing for you, you can join one session and have a look.